Welcome, Lemma Soft Forumites! I'm proud to announce the first annual Lemma Soft Forum awards for visual novels: The Lemmys! They consist of five awards whose recipients are decided on by the LSF community. Their purpose is to recognize games that stand out above the rest, giving creators a pat on the back, and people new to the English doujin visual novel world some leads on which games represent the best of the community.

Right now it's time to nominate your favorite visual novels and visual novel-type games! If you are registered on the forums as of December 5, 2008, send Blue Lemma a PM (private message) with up to 2 nominations for each category. You can nominate fewer than two for each category, but you may only send one nomination PM (so no adding more later and filling my inbox!) Make the subject line "Lemmys" so I can pick the messages out easily, please. Nominations will be submitted between January 5, 2009 and January 20, 2009, after which there will be a vote on the final winners.

Games nominated must be released in 2008, free (free in cost and free of adware, etc.) English-language visual novel-type games. They must not infringe on copyright. If you're not sure if a game you want to nominate qualifies, nominate it anyway. I won't bite your head off for it ;-) You may also nominate your own visual novels, if you think they are deserving.

Judging Rules:

  1. Qualifying games with the most nominations for each category will be put to the final award vote.
  2. The awards will be given based on a forum community vote and an expert panel vote (each will be weighted as 50% of the vote decision.)
  3. Blue Lemma has the final say on contest rules and decisions (I fully intend to stick to these rules, of course... Just adding this in the event there's some sort of issue or dispute ^_^ )

In case you need a refresher on some of the visual novels released in 2008, here is a handy link.
Please post on the forum with any that are not listed there that you think qualify!

And now, presenting the categories:

Best Overall

This award goes to the best visual novel of 2008. Nominate those special ones that have entertained you and made you think, "Wow, that was really good!"

Best Drama

Did a VN touch your heart, make you nostalgic, or keep you on the edge of your seat? If so, it might deserve a nomination for the Best Drama award.

Best Humor

Visual novels can be another reason for all the LOLing that happens on the internet. If we're laughing with a game and not at it, let's nominate it for the Best Humor award!

Most Innovative

We've probably all seen the classic boy-meets-girl from school visual novel, but what about those that took the medium and did something new? Pushing the envelope can be pretty cool, so let's recognize such games with the Most Innovative award!

Fanservice Award

The most coveted award of all! (Not really.) But it IS a chance to playfully recognize VNs that have put forth that special sexy something, that "something" probably being panties.

My apologies to chibi-Lemma ;-)

Winning games will receive fame and glory! Well, maybe not... but their creators will get permission to use awesome Lemmy Award prize icons to promote their creation. They will also be enshrined on the Lemmy page of honor :-)

I would like to thank akemicchi for the cute chibi-Lemma art!